About us

Viva Media Group AB was established in June 2014 through a merger of the three agencies; MediaView, MediaAnalys and Kenzaku. We became one of the Nordic Countries’ largest media agency overnight with 130 employees, over 2000 customers, a turnover of about 200 million SEK, and all of a sudden had local offices in Uppsala, Kalmar, Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg and Linköping.

Viva is a combination of heart and mind, passion and knowledge. Our culture is defined in five core values:

  • Business acumen – We want to take our customers businesses to the next level!
  • Motivation – Through our drive and knowledge, we want to reach the targets our customers set up as well as the ones we have set for Viva.
  • Innovation – We are innovative, fearless and flexible. Viva see opportunities where others see obstacles.
  • Joy – We encourage happiness and cherish a good atmosphere.
  • Respect – We care about each other!

Our vision is to simplify, renew and improve our customers’ marketing communication. How?

  • By offering market leading services in media strategy focused on ROI.
  • By giving you cutting-edge expertise and performance support.
  • By working to build successful relationships.


This is what our customers say about us and what impact we have had on their businesses.
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No man is an island. We are convinced that co-operation is key to success!
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Viva Anthem

Who are Viva Media? What is our vision and where do we want to be in the future? These questions were crucial when our three separate corporations merged and became Viva Media.
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Businesses do not only carry a responsibility towards its immediate customers but also towards the people all around the world who are less fortunate.
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Want to be a part of our team?
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How can our customers benefit from our Google Partnership and being a Google Analytics Certified Partner?
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