Businesses do not only carry a responsibility towards its immediate customers but also towards the people all around the world who are less fortunate.
We believe that nobody can do everything but everyone can do something!


Love Nepal

We are supporting Love Nepal – a project in Katmandu, Nepal that is helping girls who have fled, been saved our bought from a life in sexual slavery in their own homes or in brothels. The girls belong to an ethnic group in western Nepal called Badi. Neither of them are able to support themselves and are forced into prostitution and some of the girls are only 7 years old when they are sold by their own parents.

99 percent of the Badi women are forced to live in this inhumanity, and while many of them try to flee, most of them do not have anywhere to go. As a reaction to these dreadful circumstances, a Katmandu church is now determined to help the girls and have, so far, set up four homes where they can live, eat, get access to health-care and attend school. The church is helping around 40 girls at the moment, but the number is constantly on the rise. We are proud to have taken financial responsibility of one of these homes and we also have several employees who have decided to sponsor these girls. The Love Nepal project is close to our hearts and we are hopeful that our contribution will make a difference for these girls and bring hope to a better future for the Badi people!