This is what our customers say about us and what impact we have had on their businesses.


With sales of 10 million tires per year in 25 countries, First Stop is one of the bigger tire center actors in Europe.

First Stops assignment to us was initially to support a tire exchange campaign for the Swedish market with strategy and tactics concerning media purchases. This then evolved into us being responsible for the strategy concerning marketing through different channels. Today we use a number of models to maximise the return on every single krona invested.

The main purpose has always been to drive consumers to retailers to maximise their revenues.

“To us, Viva Media is the ideal partner because they always have our business at heart. In today’s complex marketing landscape they have optimized our media strategy in a very cost efficient way. Their high level of expertise, accurate analyses and design of our media strategy has been an important catalyst for our organic growth during recent years. Moreover, it has been an invaluable help for us to centrally facilitate and support the marketing for our local units, by choosing the right media channels based on our business process.”

Mike Glover
First Stop Partner Manager – UK, IRL & Nordic


Service Finder

Servicefinder has been a customer of ours since 2011 when they asked us to manage and increase revenue from their sponsored links. We analysed already established routines for their benchmarking and, based on the result, we developed new routines which were more in line with their business model. Hence, we were able to generate relevant data, and the actual outcome of sponsored links could be defined. This optimisation led to:

  • A 200 % increase in return.
  • A 20 % reduction of click costs.



Wondercruises have hired us since 2011 when we introduced sponsored links on their home page to increase sales. We developed their search word portfolio and implemented routines to measure results. We were initially committed to the advertisement on the Swedish market but were later on also in charge of the Norwegian market, among others. The sponsored links’ effect on sales has gradually increased throughout our business relationship. In April 2014 incoming traffic through sponsored links contributed to:

  • 30 % of the overall sales in Sweden.
  • 50 % of the overall sales in Norway.



The equestrian store Strömsbergsgård contacted us in 2009 wanting to increase sales through their web shop by making a selection of their products more searchable and hence improve their position in Google’s generic ranking list. We set up a team to improve their website’s Google ranking through SEO. The next step was to identify measurable key performance indicators and the purchase behaviour of their customers to maximise return. Our SEO commitment increased Strömsbergsgård’s sales to such an extent that they had to hire more people to deal with the order increase.

In 2014 we also activated our service “more deals”. This service has generated more e-mail addresses for the dispatch of their newsletter than they have ever had before. Our collaboration has led to:

  • Top rankings on Google in their field.
  • Google traffic to their home page has increased by 600 %
  • Sales through Google has increased by 500 %


Svenska Mäklarhuset

Viva Media commenced a collaboration with Svenska Mäklarhuset in 2010. We initialised the process by analysing the market and use SEO to improve their home page with regards to certain concept words. By using micro data, we were able to enhance the visibility of the home page in specific districts around Stockholm, which led to a substantial increase in organic traffic to their site. Over the years, we have also set up and analysed measurable key performance indicators for Svenska Mäklarhuset AB. This is their description of our performance:

“In addition to Viva Media’s comprehensive knowledge, they are also making sure to exceed my expectations. The team is very friendly, competent and service minded and work well as a sounding board. I am very confident that their service is putting us one step ahead of the competition and that they consider what is best for us.”


More references

We have had several of our customers evaluate us on a performance rating site named Rejta. You can access their references here.


DI Gasell

We (MediaView) received the award DI Gasell in 2013 as a result of our strong financial growth. To be named a Gasell Company you need to meet the following criteria:

  • A turnover exceeding 10 million SEK
  • At least 10 employees
  • Have doubled the turnover between the first and the latest financial year
  • Increased turnover every year throughout the last three years
  • A positive accumulated operating result the last four financial years
  • A substantial organic grown, not affected by mergers or acquisitions
  • Sound financial numbers