Illustrationsbild – modern digital marknadsförare

7 guidelines for the modern digital marketer

  • Arash Gilan Written by Arash Gilan

The goal of being a digital master doesn't have to be possible only in a galaxy far, far away. By prioritizing the homepage, measuring information and grounding decisions in factual data, you too can become a modern digital marketer in 2016. Below we give you our tips and show you how we think here at Viva:   1. It begins and ends with the website The website is the A...

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statistik nyckel till framgång

Statistics – The first key to digital success

  • Magnus Hasselteg Written by Magnus Hasselteg

“Big Data” and making data-driven decisions are much-touted goals in business, but do we actually apply them to real life? At Viva Media we know that statistics are the key to success in digital marketing. This is why we have developed Viva Report, a free analytics tool that helps you interpret your data and make it work for you. 2016 is going to be the year when more and more companies will see...

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