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7 guidelines for the modern digital marketer

  • Arash Gilan Written by Arash Gilan

The goal of being a digital master doesn’t have to be possible only in a galaxy far, far away. By prioritizing the homepage, measuring information and grounding decisions in factual data, you too can become a modern digital marketer in 2016. Below we give you our tips and show you how we think here at Viva:


1. It begins and ends with the website

The website is the A to Z. It is the core of your digital marketing – the platform for your business. A modern marketer understands the importance of building a website to be like a digital shop that will lead visitors to conversion.


2. Set the Performance Indicator

What is the purpose of visiting your homepage? For each media investment the marketer thinks of the performance indicator, the goal and the purpose. We call this “CTA” – Call to Action. What is the purpose and what do you want to achieve with this investment?


3. Rely on data-driven decisions

It is no longer about the one with the highest paycheque making the decisions, but rather about making those decisions data-driven and grounded in facts. Decisions that aren’t based on feelings, but on knowledge. Our cost-free analysis tool Viva Report helps you to reach those decisions.


4. Measure all there is to measure

Analysis and data are the foundations for modern marketing. Measure all there is to measure – from traffic, platforms, time and expenses – to see how real performance measures up against set goals.


5. Follow-up and evaluate

Data and analysis are in a constant state of flux and thus must always be followed up on and controlled for. How do your media investments deliver and what are they giving back as results?


6. Think beyond target group – think individual client

An important key to your future digital success is to discuss the user instead of the target group. As the world becomes more mobile, so, too, the more individualized marketing must be. It’s about reaching the right person with the right product at the right place and at the right time. Google encapsulates this very well with what is called “Micro Moments.” You can view a video about that here.


7. Think Conversion

The goal for your digital marketing is always conversion optimization, an aim one is willing to achieve through diverse campaigns and digital investments. Conversion doesn’t always have to be about making a sale. It is, to a great degree, about interactions that have as an end-goal the creation of long-standing customer relations. So conversions can mean a form that is completed, a call that is made, or an actual sale.


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