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Statistics – The first key to digital success

  • Magnus Hasselteg Written by Magnus Hasselteg

“Big Data” and making data-driven decisions are much-touted goals in business, but do we actually apply them to real life?

At Viva Media we know that statistics are the key to success in digital marketing. This is why we have developed Viva Report, a free analytics tool that helps you interpret your data and make it work for you.

2016 is going to be the year when more and more companies will see the importance of having a firm grasp of their statistics in order to make the right decisions moving forward.

What makes tracking statistics so important to digital success?

  1. It gives clear direction to your goal.

If I am to find the right path to my destination, I must both know where I am coming from, but most importantly – where I am right now. This is absolutely necessary if I want to understand and create a map that will help me reach my destination. It is impossible to find the right way if I am using the wrong directions – there are no guarantees on such a journey.

It works exactly the same with marketing. If I don’t know where I am now, it will be difficult to make the correct choices moving forward. This is what everyday is like for most business owners today. Many decide which marketing channels to use, based on feelings or assumptions, rather than facts and statistics. Then keep their fingers crossed and hope for the best. On the other hand if I follow the statistics I no longer have to hope; I know where I am going.

  1. It helps you optimize media investments.

By analyzing data from all media investments you have the opportunity to measure and compare how well different campaigns are performing towards their targets. Which campaigns set themselves apart and come out on top by delivering more volume, better quality or most cost-effectiveness? When I can see which search-words, ads or posts produce the best results I can also get answers on, among other things, if I should change individual search-words or how I can improve ads that aren’t performing as well. Based on data I can adjust, balance and optimize all my media efforts for a better result. Statistics thus present me with the right conditions for optimal accuracy in my marketing.


Collecting statistics can also present challenges. The first challenge is that media buyers have to keep track of a large amount of different channels. This covers everything from social media to online directories, and from display ads to search engines.

The second, and greater, challenge is to interpret all the data you collect. Services such as Google Analytics are fantastic, but one should remember that, like many other tools, they are developed by and for people who already work with statistics. For many businesses to create their own guide maps they need a simple tool that will help them to understand what is happening in the digital world.

I am certain that 2016 is the year these things will accelerate the way to change. As the first step on this new path we have produced Viva Report, a tool which gives businesses the ability to collect all their most important data from the main channels in one place. To always have access to the collected data will be more important than ever for those wanting to achieve their desired results.

To help as many people as possible, we have chosen to offer our tool completely free for anyone who wishes to use it. For companies and end-users, it will always remain so. There is absolutely a great need and a strong desire to understand media channels better. We notice this not least through the interest generated in Viva Report, which is already used by several thousand businesses in over ten countries. Welcome to the future!

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