Through a thorough analysis of the traffic to a web page, we can get an understanding of how the web page is used and therefore also understand how to improve it. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) serve to understand the visitor of a web page, and to adjust and optimise visitor flow to achieve the desired effect of the traffic. Small but well thought-out modifications often have great impact! To initialise our CRO, we make an analysis of your web page on which we base our action plan and then use to rectify shortcomings and optimise the functions of your web page. The analysis is developed through a combination of science and creativity. We identify the areas of your web page that will require testing, perform the tests, evaluate the results as well as implement the necessary optimisations. We customise all implementation and take care of technical tracking as well as analytical work in accordance with your requirements. We provide our customers with a personal web analyst who is in charge of the CRO-operations and ensures the quality of the process. You define your objectives alongside the web analyst and indicate the possibilities of increasing the number of visitors who carry out value creating activities on your web page.


  • Implementation of tracking
  • Web page analysis
  • Analysis of the traffic
  • Suggestions on layout
A/B testing
  • Pre-analysis
  • Layout suggestions
  • Technical implementation
  • Evaluation of the testing


Your web page’s next visitor may as well be a new potential business contact. It is therefore important that your web page is accessible through all stages, from the initial contact through registration and a possible purchase. “More deals” include the implementation of a customised campaign form greeting the customers who visit your web page. The form is delivered to several potential customers and can hence increase the business opportunities of your web page.
Karoline Petersson


”Conversion rate optimisation of web sites intend to increase performance to reach full potential and to improve the return on digital investments.”


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