Display advertisement

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is an ad including pictures, text, logos and even moving pictures worth? Display advertisement can be described as clickable ads placed next to the content of a home page or in an application. This type of advertisement is particularly efficient when it can enhance the awareness of your brand digitally and enables you to promote specific campaigns and offers. You can use display advertisement through Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, and also define its target audience. Google’s display network allows you to reach out to millions of web sites categorised according to topic. This strengthens the accuracy of specific products and services advertisement. We will make an analysis of the target audience to make sure that the ads are positioned perfectly. We also develop ads to boost your brand, promote your offers and we continuously do follow ups on the display advertisement to optimise it accordingly.
Pontus  Gustavsson


”There are so many possibilities to use display advertisement now. Your marketing purpose defines our strategy.”

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