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The offerings on the digital media market can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming- and that is why we exist! On the basis of your expectations, we can help you form a strategy and a media option custom-built for your company. You will receive running performance reports and our use of your budget will be utterly transparent. We are currently handling media contacts, media planning and doing media consulting for hundreds of companies all around Sweden. Our strategy service allows us to help you to streamline your marketing in all digital channels. Through our long-standing experience in digital marketing and ongoing analyses of how the media market is developing, we can offer professional media consultation with a distinct focus on results. We can therefore negotiate and pursue affordable investments involving the right products in the right channels. By choosing us, you will be given a dedicated project manager who is working alongside our team of experts in the digital media field. They will develop a single plan for your digital marketing based on your particular needs, goals and conditions. We know that a strategy only is as good as the result it can deliver and have therefore invested in media that can report statistics. This means that we can make ongoing evaluations of your campaigns, adjust them and optimise the strategy based on the market movements. We manage your entire media marketing, from the initial stages of planning and ordering to administration and results, so that you can focus on your core business.
Our media strategy service is based on a model consisting of the following five building blocks:
  • Analysis - We analyse your existing media investments and what the present search behaviour is like on your market. We scan the entire digital market and evaluate all medias’ capacities in relationship to your requirements.
  • Procurement - When we have defined a media strategy, we can give you product specific recommendations for chosen media. We take care of the negotiation process as well as the procurement for your business.
  • Optimisation - To ensure that all procured campaigns hold good quality, we continuously work to optimise them. This means that your investment gradually will increase in accuracy.
  • Follow up - Every market investment is followed up and evaluated on a regular basis. You will be able to oversee the results of your investments through our customer friendly statistics reports.
  • Administration - We take care of all administrational elements, from invoices and delivery of campaign material to quality assurance and media contact.
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